Light and the reflection of light, how it interacts in an environment, is a constant thread that  flows through my work.
I am captivated by the silvery light glistening off alpine icicles and the lavender iridescence of sunset on water. It’s
elusive, full of movement, ever changing, and it’s this ephemeral quality that intrigues me. How the passing of time
plays off the luminous surfaces of each painting--the highs and lows, the shadows and relief. The color subtly shifts
too, as the light moves through a space from sunrise to sunset, or as you move through the room. An organic calendar
that clocks both physical movement and the passage of time.

My technique has evolved as a way to capture the liquid and fluid nature of light, and I am drawn to materials that
enhance and illuminate: pearly paua shell, metal leaf, holographic paper, crystalline mineral salts, beeswax, resin.
By building up layers of materials from the opaque to translucent to transparent, then using a flame to burn away
portions, I create depth and texture. Exposing elements that are underneath holds a hint of mystery that’s akin to
uncovering buried treasure. Introducing dimension as a factor, I can express not only surface texture and depth, but
different perspectives; the highs and lows offering yet another way to play with and capture light.